1.      Initial payment of $300.00 is non-refundable for qualifier event. The Client will provide products to be used at the event.  The Client will provide in-kind services in the form of promotions.  The promotions will be on the radio, social media, print and other mediums.  All promotions will include the Company’s logo.  Where applicable, the Company’s contact information and other key details will be noted.


A.     Contractual & Cancellation Terms:

a.      Additional terms and amendments that may be made to this contract will be done with the consent of both parties. 

b.      The Client is not an employee of the Company and will work as an Independent Contractor.

c.      Termination of this contract can be facilitated by either party at any point and time.  Termination must be done in writing, verbally and within 24 hours of first determination the contract will need to be terminated. 

d.      Cancellation:  Communication that the event will not take place must be promoted and communicated in the same manner the event was promoted. It must be communicated that the Client will not be present at the event.

e.      Cancellation prior to 3 MONTHS TO THE EVENTG will require the Client to commit to a rescheduled date.  The Client will be obligated to make all efforts to attend and provide the same services at the rescheduled event. 

f.       Breach of contract must be presented to Honeydrops LLC. Who will serve as a mediator for Miss Fashion and Beauty Africa Pageants to assist any issues that arise?

g.      Mediation for issues that cannot immediately be resolved between the Client and the Company shall be facilitated by a mediator and/or Attorney.  Jurisdiction for remediation based on the location of the entity or person filing for breach of contract.

B.      Liability

The Company and the Client and their perspective affiliates will be held harmless and assume no liability related to the event and services rendered leading up to the event.